How we’re trying to create a positive workplace

Yes, we did say trying.

We’re in no way saying that we’ve cracked the magic formula for creating the perfect positive workplace, but we are committed to testing, trialling and having fun along the way to find out what works for our team.

Every company is different. What works for us might not work for other businesses. We’re all unique with our own set of company values, culture and people. At Joseph Homes, we’re guided by our Live Well® manifesto – which is always a good place to start. We want to drive change from the inside out which is why we put so much emphasis on the well-being of our team. We want to have a best in class, highly motivated, aligned and happy team. To do this we are developing systems that are efficient and cost-effective, building a business the whole industry wants to work for and with.

So, this is what we do.


We employ the right people.

Sounds simple, but it really isn’t. There is nothing better at work than feeling you are doing a good job, that you are valued for your work and you have a clear path to progression. This all starts with employing the appropriate person, with the right skills for the role who are completely aligned with the values of the business. We spend a lot of time trying to get this right. And when we get it totally right or totally wrong it shows in spades. It shows in engagement, in performance and in general wellbeing. Great people want to work with other great people and we take that responsibility seriously.


We have a Culture Taskforce.

We’ve got a small, focused group of people who all have different roles in the business, who meet bi-weekly to specifically plan strategy and activities focussing specifically on the culture of our company. Our goal is to add value to the daily life of our team and enrich their experience whilst working for us. These could be small surprise and delight moments such as pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, Halloween scares and more recently Speed-Friending on Valentine’s Day, through to providing opportunities to join spinning sessions at 1Rebel, litter picking around the office and bi-weekly massages. The Taskforce’s role is to keep their ear to the ground, listen to feedback and respond with a rich and varied programme of engagement.

They also have a key role in educating the team about the importance of B Corp and us being a World Green Building signatory too, the things which are really important to us and that we’re keen for the team to always be up to speed on.


We consider the office environment.

We want to offer our team an office where they feel safe, comfortable and have access to everything they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Everyone has a sit/stand desk, giving them the choice of how they want to work most comfortably. We’re investing in ergonomic chairs – of course, they must be tried and tested by the team first. We’ve filled our office with lush plants, offer free healthy snacks and fruit and have incorporated more casual break out areas which people use for meetings and personal breaks. We’re also pretty chilled about start and finish times, trusting our team to manage their own time and adding to the relaxed atmosphere of the office. We’ve got no dress code either, people can dress for their day in whatever they feel comfortable and can feel confident to be their true selves. And we also welcome dogs into the office too, knowing how animals can lift mood and contribute to positive mental health, we’re more than happy to include our furry friends as part of the team.


We survey our people.

We value feedback – and we’re not afraid to ask for it. We want to know that everything we do is adding value for our team and who better to tell us than the team themselves. We want to know what they like doing, what they want to do more, or less, of. In 2021, we surveyed our team and asked for inspiration as to what they wanted to do more of and we discovered they really wanted to do more sporting activities. In response to this, we facilitated a five-a-side football team, arranged a spinning class and numerous yoga sessions as well as tried to establish a netball team (but we didn’t have enough players – doesn’t mean we didn’t try though). We also had a great suggestion about starting a book club so we’ve started curating a library where people can borrow books at their leisure.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get – which is why we do.


We put well-being at the forefront of everything we do.

Mental health in the workplace is a huge deal. We’ve mentioned before that we have mental health first-aiders who are on hand for anyone who wants to reach out when they need a little extra support. They have an active presence within the company, sending out weekly ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ emails which can be anything from flagging awareness days such as Time to Talk day or Stress Awareness Month with helpful resources to sending out positive reminders. They also hold monthly ‘Breakfast Bliss’ sessions where a small group of our team are invited to meet and discuss mental health topics, with interactive activities and discussion points over a delicious healthy breakfast. An outcome of one of these sessions was a gratitude board which was so well received that we introduced it to the office for a week. The aim of this was to encourage positivity, and acknowledge what people were thankful for.


We seek outside help.

As part of our programme to enrich our culture and create a positive workplace, we regularly look for outside inspiration from people who know what they’re talking about. We’ve invited some amazing people through our doors to run mental health workshops, positive mindset sessions as well as nutrition and financial wellbeing workshops. We reach out to amazing providers such as Stretching the City who have a wealth of professionals who come into the office and hold informative and insightful workshops. We always have great feedback from the team who really engage with the sessions and leave feeling inspired and reinvigorated.


We like to celebrate the small and big wins.

Celebrations = cupcakes. So we obviously like to celebrate a lot! When our team do something great, we like to treat everyone.

It’s a great way to get the team together and acknowledge our hard teamwork. For the big wins, we have a bell we ding in the office as a signal that we’ve achieved a big milestone for the company. It’s a great way to let everyone know something amazing has happened for the company and we look forward to taking turns to be the one who gets to ring it. We also celebrate the arrival of new team members by getting lunch for the whole team on their first day – a great chance to get to know new people in a relaxed way.


We think we’re making some important steps in creating a positive workplace. We’d love to hear what you do in your company or if you’ve been inspired by some of the things we do here at Joseph Homes.

Find out about our Mental Health First Aiders here


How we’re trying to create a positive workplace - Joseph Homes How we’re trying to create a positive workplace - Joseph Homes How we’re trying to create a positive workplace - Joseph Homes How we’re trying to create a positive workplace - Joseph Homes
How we’re trying to create a positive workplace - Joseph Homes How we’re trying to create a positive workplace - Joseph Homes How we’re trying to create a positive workplace - Joseph Homes How we’re trying to create a positive workplace - Joseph Homes
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