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Why Buy A New Home - Joseph Homes

New build developments are becoming increasingly popular, especially among first-time buyers seeking a home they can truly make their own. From added security features to the ability to choose your own fixtures and fittings, new build homes have an array of attractive benefits.

Structural Warranty

New build properties come with a 10 year warranty, which protects you against structural defects for the first decade of living in your new home. Structural defects are less likely to be a problem in modern homes than older properties, but the warranty guarantees that even if something does need fixing, you won’t be out of pocket.

Safety and Security

New builds have a higher level of safety than older properties, because they have to adhere to the latest safety legislation. They are made of the latest fire-resistant materials, and certain rooms have to have windows that open wide enough to escape in the event of a fire. New builds also often come with additional security features, such as burglar alarms and British Standard locks, as standard.

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to smart energy systems and superior insulating materials, you could save over £600 per year on your energy bills in a new home. Over80% of new builds have an A or B energy efficiency rating, compared to a mere 2.2% of older houses. New homes also have a smaller carbon footprint, as well as better air filtration, which reduces symptoms for people with asthma and allergies.

Design Choices

New build developments allow you much more design choice than older homes, with the added bonus of being completely new and never occupied. Not only can you choose your plot, but, depending on the stage of construction, you’ll also be able to choose your own fixtures and fittings –things like tiles, colour schemes, and lighting –to really put your own stamp on your new home.

No Chain

The buying process for a new home is easier than for an older home, which may be part of a complex property chain. This means you don’t have the stress of waiting for other people to sell their home, and lets you plan your time scale. Although the buying process may still take time –especially if you’ve decided to buy off-plan –there’s much less risk and hassle involved.


There are often additional incentives and deals available when purchasing a new home. For example, the government’s Help To Buy Equity Loan scheme, which provides an equity loan of up to 20% of the property’s value (up to 40% in London) and only requires a 5% deposit, is exclusively available on new build houses.

Why Buy A New Home - Joseph Homes Why Buy A New Home - Joseph Homes
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