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Find out how Joseph Homes began and our journey to date.

Company History - Joseph Homes

It all started with a kiss.

Well, a pregnancy actually. For years, property had been a lifestyle business for Joseph. An excuse to travel and explore various hare-brained schemes (with less chance of success than building on greenbelt). But there’s nothing quite like a pregnancy to jolt your priorities. With his wife expecting their first child, Joseph set about formalising his business and building a plan for growth.

In 2008, with everything underwater, Joseph needed a plan that didn’t require the banks. He sought the refuge of housing associations to fund developments, and created two joint ventures between contractors and Housing Associations. To show his commitment to the product, Joseph put his name to the company. The name stuck. Over 100 homes were delivered between 2008 and 2010, when Mr Cameron decided the game was up.

But Prime was back, and Joseph Homes went back to doing what it did best: creating beautiful products with an exacting attention to detail. What had been an interest grew into a passion, which soon became a livelihood.

There was no turning back. Joseph was hooked. In need of an office, Paul Dipino offered a desk in his. After an illustrious investment agency career, Paul switched to the dark side and was already flying high with various property businesses of his own.

Unlike Joseph, he had spent his entire career living and breathing property, making him the ideal person for Joseph to partner with. After a discussion about values, the decision for both was a no-brainer.

In 2013, Joseph Homes expanded its reach from Prime to Greater London, while maintaining the commitment to quality it was fast becoming synonymous with. The ambition remains to produce the leading product relative to the location.

A few years and one ten-minute argument later, the partnership is thriving. Complementary skills combined with inherent, cohesive values has grown a business that has increased dramatically over the past decade.

Now a multi award-winning developer, the business is committed to measuring its success by the benefit it brings. Not just to its homeowners, but to its employees and the communities it works in as well.

Delivering hundreds of quality homes every year, Joseph Homes is growing quickly.

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