Live Well 

We pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative healthy homes in trending locations across London. We’re a highly progressive company, delivering over £200m of property.


To create and innovate in everything we do, the right way, every time. We take pride in our work by thinking outside the box when approaching everything we do. As a highly creative team, we individually contribute our unique ideas when growing our developments into innovative homes.


We are strong believers in what we deliver, creating a trustworthy and transparent community for our stakeholders and residents. We apply an exacting attention to detail to our work, enabling us to produce something truly valuable to the communities we affect.

History and Experience

Founded in 2008, Joseph Homes was a one-man band, and Joseph’s journey has turned an interest in exceptional living homes, into a passion, and a flourishing business. Joseph required a partner in crime to run the operations. He found Paul Dipino, property guru, who believed in doing something different in the industry, just as Joseph did. Values are important to both of them as they build something they believe in.

Ten years later, with a unique team of 25+ A-players from diverse backgrounds, Joseph Homes is a growing community of people who share the same values.